Rangan Style (2013)


The film is based on an incident on the 'Face Book' - the prevailing fashion of our society. The story revolves around protagonist Ranga (Pradeep), who does not believe in existence of love until he meets a teenager, Divya (Kanika Tiwari).

This is a story of two people’s journey where they learn “Lovers don't finally meet somewhere. They're in each other all along.” The story takes a major twist when Ranga falls for an incident that happens on the 'Face Book' culture. A series of circumstances and events compel Divya and her family to believe that Ranga is an imposter.

How does the ‘Face Book’ incident unravel…?

Expect the unexpected twists in the story…


Ranga : Pradeep Bogadi
Divya : Kanika Tiwari
CCB Officer : Kiccha Sudeep (Abhinaya Chakravarthy)
Nisha                   : Deepika Das
Rajshekar Murthy : Sharath Lohitashwa
Singri : Tabla Nani
Sadhu : Sadhu Kokila
Gangama : Bharati Singh (Bollywood Comedy Queen)
Rekha : Rekha Das
Sunny : Dayanand Kulal Kadtala
Story, Screenplay & Direction : Prashant S
Produced By : Orange Cinemas (An Orange Brothers Production)
Music : GuruKiran
Cinematography : Cinetech Soori
Editor : P.R Soundarraj
Dialogue Writer : Manju Mandavya
Lyrics : Kaviraj, Jayanth Kaykini and Vigneshwara Vishwa 
Stunt Director : Ravi Verma
Choreography : Murali, Bobby (Lakshmi, Chennai)
Co-Director : Raashi Nidinji (Shivu)


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